Election themes

These are important to me

A youthful and vibrant Tampere

All in all, Tampere is a wonderful place to live in. We are the second notable metropolitan area in addition to the capital region, and our growth potential looks very promising. We have a world class university and university of applied sciences where future's leading experts graduate from. Our city has survived the transition to post-industrial society from being the Manchester of Finland and flourishing as a Western service driven model city.

Our task is to capitalize on this advantage in all ways that are possible. In my opinion, the best possible way to capitalize on this is by investing into our youth and entrepreneurship as well as those two combined — youth's entrepreneurship. I have a strong belief in us, the youth's capability. In fact, my whole election campaign has by far been done by people 20 years old or younger exclusively. We the youth for sure have the potential for greatness. It's only a matter of making that into reality.

Jobs with an hourly wage and a set worktime of 9-5 are becoming less common. In the future, more of us will be independent freelancers, doing gig jobs, be small time entrepreneurs and part-timers.

Upper secondary schools should invest in teaching the youth about entrepreneurship and provide some sort of practical education on what entrepreneurship is, how to get started and so on and so forth.

Tampereen lukioissa ja ammattikouluissa voitaisiinkin siis ottaa suurempi panostus yrittäjyyteen ja tarjota kaikissa toisen asteen laitoksissa jonkinlaista valinnaista käytännön opetusta siitä, mitä yrittäjyys on ja miten siihen ryhdytään, valmentaen hyvinvointivaltion tulevat pilarit, meidät nuoret, tulevaisuutta varten.

Climate change can only be solved by the free market

Our society needs deeds done to stop climate change, not deeds done to increase taxation in the name of preventing climate change. I have faith in humanity's capability to adapt and overcome challenges that we face. I don't think that climate change is any different in this matter. Climate change is one of the greater challenges of our time and I believe that Tampere should take role in the "climate fight".

One of the bigger issues that I see when talking about climate change is how the conversation has been turned so that the only solution to climate change is ecosocialism. New taxes, regulations and laws. Though I do support CO2 emission based taxation I believe that no new taxes should be implemented lest that we also provide tax cuts of same value or preferably higher.

Solutions to climate change come from innovation and new technologies. To explain briefly why this is the case is that for example, car and fuel tax don't actually affect the amount of CO2 emissions of a car. These taxes might decrease the use of the car in some categories of people through a crippling tax rate, but it doesn't prevent emissions of people forced to use a car anyways.

On the other hand, for example the removal of the car tax and subsidizing the purchase of electric cars would concretely decrase emissions. Electric cars are significantly less problematic for the environment as a whole than diesel based cars. For people who have to travel by car daily and for whom using public transport would be problematic creating a car hostile enviroment only decreases the quality of life.

In my opinion, solutions to climate change aren't found in ideology driven city council decisions, which try to drive all motoring out of the city and make travel harder. I think that the best solution is to provide the best possible infrastructure for travel and respecting people's freedom of choice. It's better to maintain peoples productivity freedom of travel is more important. Those who have the option to should already be taking responsibility for our environment through their own free will and choose the "green alternative" rather than be forced to it.

In a big city such as ours we have the chance to bring in multiple solutions, without an ulterior motive based on sheer ideology. The tram project which has lasted many years is ready soon and will vitally better our public transport. Even if it isn't economic realism to implement new big projects during the next term, we should expand the tram system to include some of our neighbouring municipalities.

Tampere's biggest role as a city is to contribute to the climate battle through supporting entrepreneurship and businesses, which have a environmentally responsible stance and are willing to innovate new solutions. Instead of beating down businesses with taxes and regulations, we could be providing support and utilizing our wealth of knowledge to find new solutions and better our economy as well as the environment. The free market economy is not the reason as to why climate change is happening, it is the solution to preventing it.

An affluent city needs wellbeing residents

Tampere has a problem, which must me addressed. Tampere is a big city which also gathers interest for criminal intent. The increase in the use of narcotics in Tampere has raised much discussion. I don't think that our city has done enough to address this problem.

Drug trafficking needs to be taken extremely seriously because drug use leads to ruined lives. All of us are valuable for just existing and our society can't afford to lose any of us to completely preventable causes. Our drug treatment services need to be of high quality and we must address drug trafficking as one of the significant problems in our city and intervene on trafficking with a tough hand.

In my opinion politicians should and must talk about even the harder and more unpleasent topics such as drug use. Deaths by drug overdosing have been increasing nationally and you can only guess what kind of an affect the ongoing corona pandemic will have on drug use.

Meillä täytyy olla kyky tuomita ankarasti vakavien huumeiden välitys ja samalla saada huumeongelmaiset avun piiriin mahdollisimman tehokkaasti. Huumekäytön liveilmiönä kaupunkimme turvallisuus ja ilmapiiri kärsivät, jolloin ongelma koskee aivan kaikkia meistä. Ongelmat täytyy korjata niiden juurilta ja mielestäni kaupunkimme täytyy ottaa huumeongelman ratkaisussa isompi rooli.

Improving on our mental health services

I can't fathom the fact that in 2021 with a social welfare model such as ours we still have month long waiting periods to mental health services. Mental health problems are a serious problem of this day and must be taken as seriously as other health problems. Nationally, there needs to be change through passing the immediate acces to therapy-bill as well as making psychotherapy schools free of charge. The ball is in the hands of Marin's cabinet but so far nothing has happened.

On a municipal level, what we can do is relocate resources from places where they are less needed into upping our local mental health servies. The curren't government needs to also participate on making sure that we have enough professionals required for mental health services as allocate enough resources. Mental health issues are more relevant that ever due to the current pandemic.