What elections?

The municipal elections! These elections decide what kind of a lineup of councillors make decisions within all the municipalities and cities nationwide. The municipal councils decide on whether or not to build new schools, increase or decrease your municipal tax rate, how are your public services provided, and so on and so forth. Decisions made in the municipal councils are the most in direct in the way that they affect people's daily lives.

The municipal election day is on June 13th 2021 and pre-poll voting starts on May 26th 2021 and ends on June 8th 2021.

Why should I vote?

These elections are the most local one. Decisions made are also the most concrete ones and their affects are more direct. Every voter also has a higher rate of influence on the election results! For most candidates offices in the municipal council are within reach of tens of voters, not thousands.

The youth's voice should be heard

Historically the youth have had a terrible voter turnout rate. In the last municipal elections in 2017, the youth (18 to 24 year olds) voter turnout rate was only 35%. In comparison, the voter turnout rate was 75% for the 65 to 74 year olds. This is a serious problem for our representative democracy. If only a relatively small number of the youth go out of their way to vote, our wishes and interests won't be heard within the municipal councils. If we want things relevant to us be discussed within municipal councils, it requires that we have a meaningful amount of representation. If the decision making and voting is left to the "adults" nobody should be surprised that local politics seems alien and irrelevant to the youth.

Martti on todellinen tulevaisuuden tekijä, joka pitää lupauksensa niin politiikassa, kuin muutenkin. Hänen menestyminen Kokoomusnuorissa myös todistaa sen, että osaaminen verkostoitua ja potentiaali tuottaa hyötyä kokonaisuuden kannalta on merkittävä.

Otso Kaihlanen

Valokuvausyrittäjä ja nuorkokoomus aktiivi

Martti on suoraselkäinen ja seisoo vahvasti arvojensa takana. Martista Tampere saisi loistavan kaupunginvaltuutetun.

Elisa Hyvärinen

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Ystävän luottamuksella paras ehdokas!

Oscar Taipale